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  • blues_hawk - Monday 18 September 2023 21:09
    This is one of my favorite shots. I was messing around with barlows and came up with a working 5x combo of 2x+2.5x for the 1500mm sct. This was actually a video originally and I used the lucky image process to get a clear output from autostakkert!3. Then I used the early wavelet denoise/sharpen in Deep Sky Stacker to polish it. This actually has one of the moon landing sites in it, but of course it would be much too small to see from earth.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:47
    Early days. This was an experimental rig made from mostly inexpensive parts. I later decided core type motors didn't make good servos and rather than spend the money on coreless swiss ones I switched to open loop and steppers. The pentax lens has an arduio cam behind it mounted to some drain pipes with a hand carved bayonet for the lens. The small sensor size really limited what lenses I could use though and I scrapped the project. That and the ps2 cam under it was an early attempt at autoguiding. The motor lope proved to be too much for the system.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:41
    Bode with an asi178mm. I wish I had that money back to spend on a better camera. the amp noise was never repaired on this one, unlike many ZWO cameras. I'm unlikely to buy from them again after this... Still, this was done with my little DIY motorized cg5 and no guiding so I think it's pretty nice considering.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:39
    Mostly oxygen around the 7 sisters. The Pleiades are a very bright winter target. Native americans are said to have used this as an eye test. In my youth I could see 13 on a good night. Now I see as many as my stigmatism wants.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:37
    The Needle galaxy with apparent proof of Hawking radiation(or my own full sphere theory), spewing ejecta in mass from its central black hole.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:35
    The great american solar ecplise 2017. After planning for months I decided the cost was too great and risk of being stranded in the great american traffic jam too much so I stayed home. I did the best I could with what I had but a thunderstorm passed to the north. I settled for this cloudy partial. I tried to plan for Arkanas 2024 but the prices have gone into the realm of stupidity(airbnb=3500$) again so it's doubtful I'll ever see one in person.unless I somehow score a travel rig or get some external motivation.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 September 2023 16:29
    This is a very busy region of the Mica belt...a strip of land in my back yard. :razz:
    Mice reflets sunlight so strong it came out looking like this.
  • blues_hawk - Wednesday 9 August 2023 14:11
    C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
  • blues_hawk - Thursday 18 May 2023 18:15
    A freindly neighborhood woodbooger. As I have it the Woodbooger was coined by a news article about the area some time ago and the locals, while never having heard of such a thing decided to reward the comical lack of journalistic integrity by adopting him anyway. This statue was erected in his honor in 2015.
  • blues_hawk - Thursday 18 May 2023 18:11
    Bugs in a light at the Wire place across the way.